Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) / Individual Protective Gear

Good to know:

What is individual protective gear?

Such gearis designed, first and foremost, for protection; it refers to an item or system intended to be carried or worn for the purpose of protecting an individual against one or more risks capable of compromising his/her health or safety.

(Directive 89/686/EEC adopted on 21st December 1989)

What's a standard?

A standard comprises a set of technical rules defining the pertinent and fundamental characteristics of a product (or process); such rules are promulgated so as to guarantee quality, mode of operations and robustness.

The main pictograms relative to protection:

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In the sector of individual protective gear, it is important andin many cases vital to avoid making mistakes. Since you don't take chances with your own safety nor that of others, since you need to be 100% sure of the equipment you're wearing, since you're expecting this gear to provide more than mere protection functionality (i.e. comfort, practicality and a pleasant experience when worn for work), SOFRECAP is very strict when selecting its product line for clients, in the aim of passing all tests and multiple quality inspections.