Together, hand in hand, we're helping shape the Africa of tomorrow.

Africa has always been moving forward, in spite of what "Afro-pessimists" may think, and SOFRECAP has always supported this view of reality, whereby the continent will be a key actor in driving globalization within 30 years.

Weat SOFRECAP have constantly demonstrated our desire to establish a physical presence on African soil through our locations, actions and investments: growing together instead of along separate paths, sharing the joys as well as the setbacks with deep respect for one another's values, aspirations and beliefs.

With a highly diversified portfolio of activities (consulting and support, textile industry, distribution services), our corporate policy has always emphasized quality, honesty and responsiveness to clients and partnersregarding their needs and requirements. While not overlooking the hard realities, we're still committed to elephant preservation in conjunction with the association "Of Elephants and Men". As the saying goes: "The earth was not given to us by our parents, it was loaned to us by our children."

Our expertise is derived from extensive field knowledge, high-functioning staff within subsidiaries, on boards and at the head office, and industrial prowess offered by our specialists. We're now in a position to transfer this expertise through training, and in so doing help advance understanding of state-of-the-art techniques. Our ethics naturally guide us into partnerships where each party contributes its own skills and knowledge in pursuit of a common good.

"The only path towards a glimmer of hope for a brighter future for all mankind is the one leading to cooperation andpartnership." KOFI ANNAN


SOFRECAPFounder and President

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